Amber Heard won’t see your mocking tweets, but survivors of sexual violence will

The other morning, I went to send my friend a TikTok of a man lip syncing to what I assumed was a line from a movie. ‘Is the slippery w***e that I donated my j**z to for a while staying there?’ the man mouthed, with the caption ‘calling your wife’s friends to find out if... Continue Reading →

‘Being diagnosed with endometriosis showed me that uterus healthcare is a queer issue’

Dealing with conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis or PMDD can be upsetting, painful and thoroughly discombobulating. Layer on top being queer — much of existing medical literature and resources not making reference to some of the realities of your life — and things can get even harder. This Pride Month, writer Lois Shearing, author of Bi the Way: The... Continue Reading →

Why should we listen to bisexual women?

Bi women are everywhere.  Although the concept of bisexuality, especially in men, is often erased, I would argue that bi women are hypervisible. In mainstream, cis-heteronormative culture we are hypervisible as sex objects; the sexy, fetishized, villainous femme fatale. Within queer circles, we’re hypervisible as objects of mockery; the whiney, navel-gazing, privileged interlopers.  But while... Continue Reading →

A guide to compulsory heterosexuality

Have you ever looked back on a crush, or maybe even a relationship with a man, and realised you maybe weren’t actually into him like that; you just thought he was super cool, or you liked his style, or you admired his accomplishments and you weren’t sure how to process or show that beyond romantic/sexual... Continue Reading →


I found it at the bottom of the basketit smelt of must and my lotionsand some years back now; youI considered washing itYour clothes mingled with mineOn the clothes horse, one last timeSending it on to your new addressWith a note; remember those nights?My head on your chest; our bed?Remember those mornings?Coffee and bagels in... Continue Reading →

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